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  • Over the past ninety years, Zamberlan® has developed a profound footwear culture based on the respect for the artisan craftsmanship and on the deep-rooted knowledge of the mountain culture.


    The family’s motto "Handmade Philosophy" characterizes the third generation of the Zamberlan family, guiding them in the development of new collections that are always based on craftsmanship and designed and manufactured in continuity with traditions, so as to meet the needs of each client.

    It all started back in 1929, when Giuseppe Zamberlan started working as a cobbler at the foot of the Little Dolomites. His great passion for the mountains as well as for his work led him to design footwear that was both more performing and safer; once combined with the innovative rubber soles - that were the result of the collaboration with Vitali Bramani, the CAI academic and founder of VIBRAM® - the footwear turned into a revolutionary product.

    Following the remarkable success of these products and the resulting demand led him to open a small workshop, together with his wife Maria, an expert hemmer.

    In 1970 his son Emilio started exporting the products overseas, conquering the Asian markets (Japan and Korea) first, closely followed by the European and North American ones. Right from the start, the American market proved to be especially important and for this reason, in 2009, Zamberlan opened a branch in California.Despite the competition and the crisis in the sector, the constant research and the development of new materials, designs and technologies have kept the product competitive, artisan and made in Italy.


  • Creativity, innovation and field tests
    An on-going international test program at all levels, with regular feedback passed on by our clients, inspires and motivates us to set objectives that are increasingly more challenging.
  • Experience and tradition
    Over the past ninety years, Zamberlan® has developed a profound footwear culture based on the respect for the artisan craftsmanship and on the deep-rooted knowledge of the mountain culture.
  • Exclusive and reliable Italian products
    Zamberlan® is one of the few companies that still crafts most of its products in Italy.  We are very proud of this great asset, which is recognized and appreciated worldwide.
  • Service to customers and international presence
    We greatly value our customers and this means that our clients renew their trust in us year after year.
  • Ethics and integrity in dealing with suppliers and employees
    We strongly believe in giving value to the people who work with us, because this is what allows us to manufacture a beautiful and well-made product.
  • Respect for the environment
    Zamberlan strongly believes in reducing the impact on the environment by promoting the concept of responsible use. It is for this very reason that most of our products can be resoled: this means that they can last for a very long time, if well maintained.
  • Attention to the details
    Our aim is to produce crafted footwear, which, in addition to providing excellent technical performance, will survive trends and fashions thanks to their timeless charm.


  • 1929: Giuseppe Zamberlan, a cobbler who lived and worked at the foot of the Little Dolomites, was in love with the mountains and his passion led him to support the revolutionary ideas of Vitale Bramani (Vibram®). Outsoles made of leather and iron studs were replaced by rubber outsoles.
  • 1967: FUJIYAMA was developed for the Japanese market and 40 years later this item is still in production, with some updated components.
  • 1970: Emilio took his father’s place and gradually went from being a respected local manufacturer to becoming a national and international supplier, supported in all ways and stages by his wife.
  • 1973: The headquarters were moved from Schio to Pievebelvicino, at the foot of the Little Dolomites; in the same year, the first products were exported abroad, mainly to Japan and the UK.
  • 1983: MULTIFLEX and BIFLEX, the new and performing mid-soles, made of light and elastic propylene were introduced. They allow optimal toe off and consistent flex pattern across all sizes.
  • 1984: After much research work, Zamberlan was able to develop HYDROBLOC®, a special technique which makes leather breathable and waterproof.
  • 1985: The first experiments for creating a last suitable for the female foot brought about the launch of LADY LITE, which became a remarkable success.
  • 1986: In collaboration with Vibram®, Zamberlan developed an exclusive sole, BIMESCOL, with double density rubber, which absorbed ground impact like no other outsole had ever done before.
  • 1988: In collaboration with Vibram®, Zamberlan developed an exclusive sole, BIMESCOL, with double density rubber, which absorbed ground impact like no other sole did before.
  • 1989: On March 25th the “Zamberlan Mountainsport” store was opened to the public.
    1990:” DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE” became the company’s pay-off: discovering and appreciating the difference Zamberlan boots can make to any adventure.
  • 1992: Zamberlan entered the USA market and with pride begun to supply the main specialty outdoor chain: REI, a reference for the whole industry.
  • 1993: Zamberlan began to produce boots with the famous and totally revolutionary waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane.
  • 1995: Zamberlan developed a special method to apply the rubber rand to the footwear.
  • 1996: The model CIVETTA GT was launched, which proved to be a bestselling product renowned at international level and much appreciated by the public.
  • 1998: Zamberlan initiated its collaboration with Karl Bushby whose plan was to embark on a solo journey around the world, on foot.
  • 1999-2000: The production facility was more than doubled, thanks to project which involved the salvage of the historic Roggia Maestra, the artificial canal that runs under the factory.
  • 2000-2005: In this period, many productions were moved to countries where the workforce is cheaper. Nevertheless, Zamberlan stubbornly kept its production in Torrebelvicino where it continued the “Made in Italy” manufacturing tradition of its top-of-the-range products.
  • 2002: Marco and Maria. the children who have always been somehow involved in the company’s life, started managing the business directly. Their main passions - the mountains and their job - intertwined and grew relentlessly.
  • 2005: Zamberlan started its collaboration with Cristina Castagna, the youngest Italian woman to climb an 8000 m peak.
  • 2006: The premises were renewed combining modern architectural design with traditional materials (stone and wood) that aim to enhance the renewal process that Zamberlan is proudly pursuing. Two spires linked by a Tibetan bridge for climbing in the summertime were added.
  • 2007: On March 24th, the new store was open, which now covers 450 sq. m and offers a huge choice of quality products for mountain and outdoor activities, in addition to Zamberlan boots, of course. The shop is run by Mara, the youngest daughter.
  • 2008: An indoor climbing wall, unique in the area, was built and the AZA association was founded with more than 100 members. This year saw the start of the collaboration with Luca Vuerich, a young and very promising mountaineer, who tests Zamberlan products in the field. Zamberlan covered more than of 40 countries and export sales exceeded 90% of the total business.
  • 2009: Zamberlan celebrated its 80th anniversary! For the occasion, the company sponsored an expedition of 6 mountaineers, including Marco Zamberlan, to climb the Baruntze mountain in Nepal, 7127 m. In the same year the new branch in USA was opened.
  • 2010: Zamberlan received many International prizes, including the OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD 2010 for TOFANE, a model from the new Norwegian Welted construction, and the prestigious BACKPACKER'S GEAR GUIDE 2010.
  • 2011: Grand opening of the new climbing and camping store and of the Zamberlan XXL Climbing Centre, with one of the highest climbing walls in Europe, 20-metre high made of stone - like panels and fibreglass.
  • 2012: The new SPEED HIKING category was launched, a new family of very light, yet hi-tech and performing footwear. 
  • 2013: The model 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR won the 2013 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, awarded annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.
  • 2014: Zamberlan turns 85! To celebrate, Marco Zamberlan led an expedition to Ama Dablam in Nepal, with friends and the Russian Partners Red Fox.
  • 2019: The company celebrated 90 years of history! This year’s projects were very challenging and included the EPIC WOMEN line, designed exclusively for women and their outdoor needs.


  • Feet play a fundamental role in our body in supporting our weight and locomotion. They control all the movements that the legs, pelvis, trunk, arms and shoulders make while walking. 
  • Choosing the right shoe means giving the feet the importance they deserve, and it is equivalent to investing in our health. The study of the lasts and the construction of the footwear take into consideration, and fully respect, all the anatomical aspects of the foot.
  • Zamberlan® has designed and developed different lasts taking into account the final use of the shoe and the different anatomical characteristics of the foot. They all offer a comfortable fit that is not too long along with a good internal volume. 
  • In order to ensure that the shoe acquires the best shape and maintains it for a long time, the Foot Wrapping Last Process has been developed. The contact of the ground with the heel (heel support) must be well accentuated in order to allow the foot to make the transition to full foot support (full support) and the subsequent pre-thrust and push phases.


  • Zamberlan’s story is that of a company which, despite having reached an international level, has been able to maintain its family dimension made of people whose bond with the company is never separated from their own lives, passions and aspirations

  • Zamberlan’s traditional lines are manufactured in Torrebelvicino - Italy, where the company is based, and the company is strongly committed to maintaining the same high quality in all its products.  Zamberlan places great emphasis on quality, which is considered the main priority. To ensure this, it only uses the best materials available on the market, and devotes great attention to the manufacture of all its products.
  • For 90 years it has created unique patents in the footwear industry, identifying the real needs of both mountaineering athletes and those who approach the mountains. It has always done this with a painstaking attention to detail. Considerable investments are regularly made in the research and development of new materials, new moulds and outsoles with exclusive patents. Every day the Zamberlan® team concentrates all its efforts, skills, knowledge and passion in striving to achieve a top quality product.
  • Every single pair of boots is regularly inspected during every phase of the production cycle, and the Zamberlan family itself is constantly and personally involved in the control of the production line. The extremely scrupulous finishing department selects and eliminates all footwear that does not meet the required standards. Tests and trials are carried out in the field. The Zamberlan family personally test new ideas and models: Emilio, during his excursions and trekking every Sunday; Marco, while climbing and ice climbing in winter as well as while hiking along mountaineering routes and during summer excursions, and Maria, during her "backpack" trips.